Our focus is to combat sexual abuse and the sexual exploitation of children. We understand as a team we can create a greater impact. This is why our model focuses on educating communities with the skills to protect the children in their community. Through investigation, raising awareness, education, rescue, rehabilitation and advocating.

Founded by Glen Hulley in 2015 we are based in Melbourne, Australia.  Our efforts are focused both in Australia and in key areas of South East Asia where some of the most serious child trafficking and child sexual abuse issues worldwide occur.

We constantly have active cases under investigation. Our educational programmes are running in schools and online. Our training programmes and MOU’s with the government and schools are constantly being developed and updated. And our founder Glen Hulley never takes his finger off the pulse. He advocates day and night for impactful change to help protect our children.

Project Karma Limited is an Australian public company registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) since 2016. 

A world where children live free from the threat of sexual exploitation.

To fight child sexual exploitation whenever, by whoever, and where ever it occurs.

Keeps our children safe.

"Before the recent Travel Ban, an average of 25 Australian Registered Child Sex Offender’s (RCSO) entered Bali per month, and more than 250 Australian RCSO’s travelled to the Philippines in 2015."
"In Thailand 40% of people involved in prostitution are below 18 years of age with 60,000 of those being children"
"Globally the market for the sexual exploitation of children stands at around $36B US, involving over 2 million children, and is growing at an estimated 20% per year."
"In Indonesia, there are 40,000 to 70,000 child victims of sexual exploitation throughout Indonesia."
"In the Philippines 60,000 girls under 18 are exploited through prostitution nationwide."
"The number of paedophiles travelling to these countries whom have not been caught or have not yet offended is not known."
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Our Goals

Where child sexual abuse occurs in the community

Our approach is to raise awareness through local community-based training.

Where child sexual abuse is prevalent in locations

Our approach is to raise awareness through local community-based training.

Where transnational sexual child abusers come from

In the predominantly rich countries, our team work extremely hard to achieve the below goals.