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Time for a Change.

Karma is the law of cause and effect and as humans we have the power to take action. Project Karma was born to combat the devastation of child sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse and online sexual crimes against children. We are dedicated to serving Australia and key regions of South East Asia against any of these abhorrent crimes.

Project Karma focuses on combatting child sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse and online sexual crimes against children.

Our Vision

A world where children live free from the threat of sexual exploitation.

Click the video to learn what fueled ex Aussie cop’s mission to halt child sex trade.

WARNING: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing.

Project Karma was founded in 2015 and became registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as Project Karma Limited on 8 March 2016.

Project Karma is an Australian Public Company registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as a Charitable Organisation and is endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status.

ABN: 84 611 184 886

Project Karma Limited is registered under the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Social Services (DSS) Register of Harm Prevention Charities as a charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of sexual abuse against children.

Click here to see DSS site.

Project Karma focuses on combatting child sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse and online sexual crimes against children.

Project Karma Limited is based in Melbourne, Australia as PROJECT KARMA and in Bali, Indonesia as a Republic of Indonesia registered charitable foundation:

YAYASAN PROJECT KARMA INDONESIA – HAM RI: AHU-AH.01.06-0014081 (Ministry of Law and Human Rights) and DINSOS: 460/1211/Dissos (Department of Social Services)

serving to deliver our sanctioned projects in Bali and Lombok and currently as a base of operations for our South East Asia Regional Office to combat child sex exploitation both within Australia and in key regions of South East Asia where most of these crimes occur.

A dedicated Indonesian website for Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia (YPKI) is under construction with the domain already registered.

YPKI’s activities in Indonesia can currently be followed on its official Facebook page.

Our Mission

To fight child sexual exploitation – whenever, by whoever and wherever it occurs.

“Poverty creates vulnerability and vulnerability creates the opportunity for exploitation. The most effective and sustainable way to fight Child Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Children in these areas of the world, is to work on the ground with local communities, within existing social order structures and cultures, in a collaborative effort with local key stakeholders, government departments and law enforcement agencies, to negate the vulnerability of these communities by bringing empowerment, through proactively and reactively targeting all aspects of these abhorrent crimes.” – Founder, Glen Hulley 2015.

Our Goals

Project Karma shall focus its work where it has the largest impact, where the biggest challenges exist, in specific regions of South East Asia to deliver programs designed to address the local issues of child sex crimes:

1) In the local communities where child sexual abuse occurs;

  • Raise awareness through local community-based training.
  • Train communities how to deal with suspicions & offences.
  • Build links between communities and local law enforcement.
  • Gather support from local governments and businesses.
  • Encourage communities to confront child sexual abuse.

2) In locations where child sexual abuse is prevalent;

  • Partner with local law enforcement.
  • Facilitate international training on the most effective investigation methods.
  • Provide best practice advice to local government agencies to improve:
    i. The process for rescuing abused children;
    ii. The facilities for temporary accommodation and assessment.
    iii. The counselling, psychological therapy and other support services.
    iv. The legal process/legislation for sexually abused children.

3) In the predominantly rich countries where transnational sexual child abusers come from;

  • Lobby governments and advocate for legislation and policies to better protect children from convicted child sex offenders in Australia and overseas, including:
    i. Establishing a national based child sex offender register system in with appropriate public access to register information
    ii. Mandatory sentencing provisions
    iii. Stricter bail provisions
    iv. Restricting where offenders can live and work,
    v. Banning overseas travel;
    vi. Reporting and monitoring obligations
    vii. Internet access monitoring / limiting / banning
    viii. 2 strikes = life. If a convicted child sex offender harms a child after release, then mandatory life imprisonment upon a second conviction.
  • Raise awareness that paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder, that cannot be cured.
  • Consult with government agencies to develop Government funded, pro-active, mental health counselling services to self-identified paedophiles who are seeking help and have not committed any offences against children.

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