Project Karma’s response in consultation with local communities, local law enforcement, governments and welfare agencies is the development of the “Sentinel Model Project”.

Working in partnership with local non-profit organisations, government departments, local law enforcement and community groups, the Project Karma Sentinel Model focuses on delivering a locally sustainable model that is designed to fight these crimes at the root causes. Key strategies include building dedicated local investigation teams and intelligence networks and providing awareness and education programs in schools and across all community levels on the dangers of these crimes. The safe rescue and rehabilitation of all child victims is also paramount.

After significant on the ground research and consultation, Project Karma has identified several regions to implement the 5-year Sentinel Model Pilot Project including: Bali and Lombok (Indonesia), Cebu (Philippines), Bangkok, Pattaya and other regions of Thailand. Following a review of these pilot projects Project Karma will expand the model to: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

(Oxford Dictionary)

To rescue and rehabilitate all children from sexual slavery and abuse by working with local community leaders to prevent child sexual abuse occurring, through raised community awareness, local investigation teams and a clear, accepted, and fit-for-purpose rehabilitation process that puts the needs of the child first.

This replicable model of action was developed over 2 years with effectiveness, sustainability, cultural adaptability and community relevance as key priorities.

  • The first pilot project in Bali was sanctioned in July 2017.
  • To date 6 local councils (Desa) have offered their blessing and agreed to partner for the project’s delivery and is about to expand to more areas of Bali and has now commenced operations in Lombok.
  • Initial community seminars saw nearly 900 voluntary local participants and has now extended into safety education classes in local schools where we have already delivered these packages to thousands of school children.
  • Deliver training packages on investigation and vigilance of these crimes to local SE Asian police and other law enforcement agencies
  • Create trustworthy intelligence networks and private investigation teams
  • Facilitate legal action against child abusers and traffickers
  • Create and deliver ongoing programs of advocacy, awareness and education to local schools, communities, universities and beyond.
  • Provide training to community leaders and local authorities to themselves continue to deliver awareness and education programs in the future.
  • Establish local partnerships for ongoing project delivery including signed memorandum of understandings with local government authorities.
  • Assist authorities to rescue sexually exploited and abused children from further harm
  • Facilitate support for welfare, rehabilitation and legal services for victims
  • Develop networks of local partners and agencies with established agreements and memorandums of understanding to safely and effectively implement short and long-term management plans and facilities for child victims of child sex abuse and exploitation under a Crisis Assessment Centre model developed by Project Karma

Increased community awareness indicated by an increase in reporting of these crimes to police

  • 30 investigations
  • 100+ children rescued and provided with welfare and rehabilitation services.
  • Dedicated school programs running in local schools
  • An improved after care and rehabilitation system for child victims

Whilst these initial projects focus on some of the world’s worst areas of child sex exploitation and trafficking, the Project Karma Sentinel Model is a viable model for preventative action and management of these issues in society across all communities, around the world.

Project Karma has been involved in the rescue or intervention of over 200 children suffering sexual abuse and exploitation between 2015-2019 in four countries to date. Children are placed on a case to case basis depending on that country’s allocation processes. Project Karma is working with government bodies to review current allocation systems and establish an adaptable Integrated Services Model to provide a crisis assessment centre and aftercare program where needed as part of the Sentinel Model Project involving experts in child psychology and welfare. This concept is currently in planning with Government agencies as a trial project in Bali, Indonesia.*

  • Bogo, Philippines
  • Iligan, Philippines
  • Bantayan Is, Philippines
  • Cordova, Philippines
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Batam, Indonesia
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Lombok, Indonesia
  • Ubon Ratchitani, Thailand
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Project Karma brings awareness to tens of thousands of people around the world of child sex abuse, exploitation and preventative action through the following platforms:
Jaide law
Striker crushing and screening