Children around the world are vulnerable to the commercial sex trade and trafficking networks, either through customary traditions, forced marriages or by syndicated criminal organisations.

As many as two million children are used in the commercial sex trade and routinely face sexual and physical violence. The majority of those cases occur in East and Southeast Asia. The majority of the predators, Australian and international predators. 

Project Karma is not just about catching bad guys and then rescuing children. If you don’t know what to do with the children afterwards, it’s not an effective project. So, a very large part of our focus and attention is the after-care of children and we network with several foundations and when we see that there are resources that are missing, we create them.

Founder of Project Karma, Glen Hulley, worked with the Victorian Police, serving 13 years in uniformed and covert capacities, before focusing his efforts on Project Karma. Our team establishes a liaison panel within local communities and coordinates with local governments and law enforcement agencies to combat child sexual exploitation and to prosecute perpetrators and offer counsel to children who have been abused or trafficked.

We are driven and passionate about progressive change for the future protection of all children globally this drives our advocacy and pushes for policy, procedure and legislative change.

Integral consultation in 2015 with soon to be Australian Sen. Derryn Hinch led to legislation being passed in Federal Parliament effectively banning Australian Child Sex Offenders from overseas travel.

The first legislation of its kind anywhere in the world has now set a precedent for Project Karma to lobby other governments to adopt similar legislation around the world.

This type of legislation has had and will continue to have a huge impact on the fight against transnational child sexual exploitation and recidivism.

sex trafficking networks

paedophiles and brings them to justice.

children from prostitution, exploitation and trafficking

children after they have been rescued from abuse.

children from a young age on sexual abuse and exploitation in all forms.

police, schools and the community on how to be better skilled and united in tackling this global crisis.

sustainable communities ready to stop child sexual abuse and exploitation.

laws and legislation to better protect all our children.