Led by Operations Director and currently under YPKI includes 14 staff members, (6 full-time salaried roles, 6 volunteers and 2 interns) tasked with current delivery of the first Sentinel Model Pilot Project and covers investigation, rescue and rehabilitation, awareness and coordination responsibilities.

Led by General Manager including 7 volunteer roles (in Australia and Bali) covering grants applications and government registrations; finance and accounts; communications; corporate sponsors, legal (Australia and Indonesia) and a marketing coordinator/advisor

Led by Marketing Coordinator, with 11 volunteers based in Australia and Indonesia covering key marketing responsibilities and coordination of Project Karma Awareness and Fundraising volunteer groups in Melbourne, Darwin and Bali.

All volunteers must provide a criminal background clearance certificate, sign a dedicated contract with Project Karma, with clear responsibilities and key contact/line reporting within Project Karma.  In time and subject to funding, some of these key volunteer positions are planned to be transitioned into full-time salaried positions.


Glen Hulley

Chairman of the Board / General Director

‘I’ve been involved in a number of investigations, I’ve been involved in raids on brothels. I’ve seen children that are chained to the floor, I’ve seen children that are stowed away in boxes on boats, I’ve seen children in positions and situations they should never be put in. It became not a decision of whether I should do this but there was no reason I shouldn’t. Whilst I’ve had to make a number of sacrifices to do this … I’ve only got to think about some of these kids I’ve seen and that all goes away’

Project Karma CEO and founder Glen Hulley spent 13 years in the Victorian Police force in both uniformed and covert capacities. His fierce dedication to the fight against child sexual exploitation and trafficking was sparked in 2013 after he was offered a child for sexual services whilst on holiday in Cambodia. Following this experience, he sold everything he owned to form Project Karma.

Glen has worked with other NGO’s in SE Asia, at one time overseeing 10 investigation teams, in Jakarta, Batam, Lombok, Bali, Manila, Cebu and Boracay in the Philippines, Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal and Goa in India. He has and continues to consult with numerous Australian and international law enforcement and government bodies, diplomats, consuls, politicians and ambassadors in addressing these horrendous crimes. As part of the Project Karma’s Sentinel Model Project Glen is currently working on the ground with SE Asian communities to combat these crimes, building dedicated teams, systems and facilities that are effective, sustainable and locally operated.

Project Karma Ambassador Lucia 1

Lucia Hou

Australian Ambassador

Ms Oceania 2018 Woman Of The Year 2018 lucia@projectkarma.org.au

Jaide law
Striker crushing and screening