Investigation package – 20,000 AUD per annum this package covers investigation. 2 full time investigators in Indonesia 100% focused on disrupting sex trafficking networks and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Rehabilitation package – 10,000 AUD per annum this package paves the way for the rehabilitation both physically and mentally of the child victims involved in our successful investigations of paedophiles and sex trafficking networks. 10 children will be given a new chance at life through our established Safe housing and rehabilitation framework.

Educational package – 10,000 AUD per annum this package puts 8000 children through our educational programme. The impact of educating our children is felt through the entire community education creates change.

Train the trainer package – 1000 AUD this package allows for one certified Project Karma Investigation of Child sexual exploitation training program to be run. This programme is specifically designed to enhance and add value to the police officers, Intelligence networks and Private investigators who are on the ground fighting these horrendous crimes. Every certified training session impacts the community and the children dramatically upskilling the people tasks with protecting us leads to more efficient and effective investigations globally.

Spread the word about the work that Project Karma is doing and help us help the children live in a safer world free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

A world where children live free from the threat of sexual exploitation.

To fight child sexual exploitation whenever, by whoever, and where ever it occurs.

Keeps our children safe.