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Millions of children are trafficked globally each year, many for the purpose of child prostitution. At Project Karma, the sense of responsibility we feel toward our most vulnerable does not stop at our own borders.


Project Karma is a not-for-profit charity comprised of Australian and foreign law enforcement officers, investigators, operatives and other volunteers to combat the sexual exploitation of children throughout South East Asia.


Child exploitation is growing globally at more than 15% per year. We work with local communities in areas most at risk using an easily repeatable model that empowers sustainability and effectiveness.


Project Karma

A Registered Australian Charity Bringing Child Sex Exploitation Offenders to Justice in SE Asia & Rescuing Children from Human Trafficking for Prostitution
Project Karma
Project Karma
This Christmas you can help protect a vulnerable child with vital safety education in 2020.

Project Karma 2020 GOAL: 5000+ kids, 50+ Schools,
in ‘hot-spot’ regions of Bali, Indonesia.

Help us reach our goal, donate and learn more:

Support a child for the cost of a Christmas Card!
Project Karma
Project Karma
Project Karma
Congratulations to Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police and the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation on this successful operation.



8 suspects facing 31 charges

They include a manager from Tingalpa, IT worker from Mansfield, Toowoomba chef who lives next to a childcare centre, factory worker from Kingaroy, teacher from Rockhampton,
self-employed man from Labrador, and students from Harristown and Corinda


3 suspects facing 10 charges

They include a training manager, company managing director and unemployed man


5 suspects on 8 charges

They include a charity
worker, teacher and three unemployed men


2 suspects on 3 charges

They are a contractor who lives across from a childcare centre and self-employed web designer


2 suspects on 2 charges

They are an unemployed former teacher previously convicted of indecency with a child and the secretary of a religious group


2 suspects on 2 charges

A retired man and another with an unspecified occupation
Project Karma
Project Karma
Please support the Striker Australia Pty Ltd Christmas Appeal on the platform and help raise urgently needed funds to sustain our Sentinel Model programs next year.
Project Karma
Project Karma
4 years ago today….
We have come so far and achieved so much since those early days when the organisation was being formed.
This case completed by our founder, Glen Hulley in Thailand achieved global attention, raising enough funding for us to begin the ground work that was required to establish Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia – YPKI and Project Karma’s Sentinel Model deployment in Bali, Indonesia – that process took a full 2 years to complete and is what has led us to where we are today.
Your donations are what has made our journey possible and are what is needed right now to continue to the Project Karma story.
You can help us help more kids here:
Project Karma
Project Karma
Last week the European Parliament adopted a resolution on children’s rights to mark the the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which calls on the Commission to address a number of keys areas seen as crucial to successfully eradicating child sexual exploitation.

These quotes from the Commission’s resolution mirror the strategies created and adopted by Project Karma’s Sentinel Model, currently running as a pilot project in areas of Bali, Indonesia for the last 12 months and it is encouraging to see that the effective strategies Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia – YPKI are employing under the model are now gaining global consensus:

– “Urges the Commission and the Member States to work out a national strategy and put in place a holistic multi-stakeholder approach to eradicate sexual violence and child abuse both online and offline”
– “Calls on the current and upcoming Council presidencies to step up efforts to ensure that Member States take concrete actions to better assist victims and work out effective preventive, investigative and prosecution measures to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice”
– “Calls on the Member States to enhance cooperation between law enforcement authorities and civil society organisations, including hotline networks, which combat child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation; calls on the Commission to support organisations that combat child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation”
– “Urges the Commission and the Member States to take concrete measures to end child sexual abuse by investing in preventive measures, identifying specific programmes for potential offenders and more effective support for victims”

As reflection of our Sentinel Model pillars of focus:

1. Education and Awareness in local communities and schools, through delivery of programs designed with multiple local key stakeholders, in an inclusive and collaborative approach.

2. Investigation, Prosecution, Intervention and Rescue initiatives designed to work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies, government child protection authorities and local specialised NGO’s under signed Memorandums of Understanding, to provide support and capacity building strategies to enhance confidence in the community and to effectively investigate and prosecute these crimes.

3. Victim after care, rehabilitation and advocacy programs designed with local government agencies and local NGOs, under an integrated services model and crisis assessment centre system to provide an ongoing case management and recovery plan for each child.

4. Working with all levels of Government in multiple countries to assist to developing better laws, legislation, policies and procedures to protect children more effectively from sexual crimes.


• Greater research into paedophilic disorder and better ways to detect it,
• Development of better services and programs for potential offenders,
• Creation of national public child sex offender registers in all countries and international linking of databases,
• Banning international travel of registered child sex offenders,
• Stronger bail provisions,
• 2 strike rule – a recidivist offence results in a life sentence,

These are all programs, initiatives and advocacies that we have been focussing on since our inception just 4 years ago and we have had actively running in Bali for over 12 months.

You can read the full resolution here:
Project Karma
Project Karma


Help Project Karma reach their 2020 TARGET :
5000+ Children, 50+ Schools, $5 per child in one of the world’s most vulnerable areas by31 December 2019.

Share your Christmas spirit this year with something more than a Christmas Card. Donate and education a child through the Sentinel Model Child Safety Schools Program, 2020

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