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Millions of children are trafficked globally each year, many for the purpose of child prostitution. At Project Karma, the sense of responsibility we feel toward our most vulnerable does not stop at our own borders.


Project Karma is a not-for-profit charity comprised of Australian and foreign law enforcement officers, investigators, operatives and other volunteers to combat the sexual exploitation of children throughout South East Asia.


Child exploitation is growing globally at more than 15% per year. We work with local communities in areas most at risk using an easily repeatable model that empowers sustainability and effectiveness.


Project Karma

A Registered Australian Charity Bringing Child Sex Exploitation Offenders to Justice in SE Asia & Rescuing Children from Human Trafficking for Prostitution
Project Karma
Project Karma
After much anticipation it is with great appreciation to @3PhaseMarketing that today we unveil our new look website.
Feel free to stop by and check out the new content and features, we think they have done an amazing job.
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Project Karma
Project Karma
Photos from Project Karma's post
Bali Beach Golf Course and Sector Restaurant
An incredible 3 days of learning has concluded for seasoned Police investigators from Humas Polda Bali, Polresta Denpasar, Polresta Gianyar, BAG HUMAS Polres Badung” and our own intelligence operatives from Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia – YPKI at “The Investigation of Child Sexual Exploitation” Training Workshop delivered by international Police trainer, Mr. @neale.fursdon

A session was also provided covering all relevant Indonesian legislation regarding child sexual assault offences and Police powers to investigate them by our YPKI Legal Representative and lawyer, Pak Anak Agung Gede Sekar, SH., MH., CIL.

Sharing of knowledge, successful evidence gathering techniques and new approaches to investigating these types of crimes is key to building capacity into the difficult job that Police do and we trust that this new information delivered over the last 3 days will immediately become part of these Detective’s operational duties and assist them in their current and future cases.

This training is worth thousands of dollars, which has been provided at no cost to any Police agency attending. Covering the costs for this training has come from our donors and sponsors as part of Project Karma’s Sentinel Model budget in Bali and we would like to thank Gate 7 and Striker Australia Pty Ltd for their annual donations but this cost was significantly reduced thanks to Mr. Fursdon providing his time for 3 days at no charge and he even covered the cost of his airfare from Bangkok – an incredible gift and we are very grateful.

We cannot thank him enough for all he has done to help our team and the Police in Indonesia to protect the children of Bali better. The feedback has been exceptional, with all attendees agreeing that this training was invaluable to their everyday duties.

We are pleased to be able to facilitate these types of specialised training sessions for senior investigators in Bali law enforcement agencies and we look forward to providing more of these types of sessions to them in future from many experts around the world which we have lined up to come to Bali over the next 12 months.

NGO’s and Police working together to combat these crimes in Bali is a new approach that we have been consistently working on for the last 2 years and we are very pleased to see the culmination of much hard work by many people to bring it all together.

Our projects are 100% reliant on public donations and we need your help to continue expanding our programs to areas of need to protect more children.

You can nominate where you would like to see your donation directed:

1. Education and Awareness Programs in schools and villages.
2. Investigation, Arrest, Prosecution and Rescue operations.
3. Capacity building for Police and Government Agencies tasked with child protection, which includes world class training delivered by recognised experts in their field.
4. Aftercare and rehabilitation programs, resources and facilities to provide higher levels of trauma recovery, legal advocacy and repatriation for child victims.

Visit: to find out how.

*photos posted with permission*
#projectkarma #poldabali #protectingchildren #capacitybuilding Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian Federal Police Australian Consulate Australian Consulate-General Bali Stuart Grimley MP Peter Dutton
Project Karma
Project Karma
We are very appreciative to the organisers of the World Congress of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology 2019 for arranging this fun initiative and for inviting our founder, Glen Hulley to speak at this world class event.
Project Karma
Project Karma
We are extremely happy to be one of a few specialised NGO’s to be invited by the Facebook Safety APAC Team to represent Indonesia at their APAC Safety Summit Thailand 2019 and for our founder, Glen Hulley to be selected to join the expert panel for the Breakout Discussion Group focussing on “Preventing Human Exploitation” on social media platforms.
Facebook are making big changes in the way they manage everyone’s safety on their platforms, which also include Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp and we are proud to be a part of the consultation process.
#APACSafetySummit #projectkarma #protectingchildren
Project Karma
Project Karma
APAC Safety Summit Thailand 2019
As a newly inducted Asia Pacific Regional (APAC) Safety Trusted Partner with Facebook Safety, we are proud to join these other well respected Nonprofits on Facebook in helping improve Facebook Security and provide greater protection for all children on the company’s social media platforms – Facebook Instagram WhatsApp
#APACSafetySummit #projectkarma #protectingchildren
Project Karma
Project Karma
Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia – YPKI continues to forge trusted partnerships with Indonesian Government (RI) child protection agencies in order to facilitate future expansion of Project Karma’s Sentinel Model in Indonesia.
Today founder, Glen Hulley met with the head of the national Government’s – Indonesia Child Protection Agency (LPAI) to discuss a future partnership working together to better protect children in Indonesia.
A work in progress that is showing great potential and we look forward to further developments very soon.

Stay in the know.