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Millions of children are trafficked globally each year, many for the purpose of child prostitution. At Project Karma, the sense of responsibility we feel toward our most vulnerable does not stop at our own borders.


Project Karma is a not-for-profit charity comprised of Australian and foreign law enforcement officers, investigators, operatives and other volunteers to combat the sexual exploitation of children throughout South East Asia.


Child exploitation is growing globally at more than 15% per year. We work with local communities in areas most at risk using an easily repeatable model that empowers sustainability and effectiveness.

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Project Karma

A Registered Australian Charity Bringing Child Sex Exploitation Offenders to Justice in SE Asia & Rescuing Children from Human Trafficking for Prostitution
Project Karma
Project Karma
We are working hard to bring these cases to the attention of the Australian Government, which expose flaws in how Australia currently manages convicted and accused child sex offenders, which ultimately impacts upon the safety of children in Australia and overseas and is denying victims justice.
This accused, whom fled Australia in 2011, was issued a new UK passport, under a new name in 2014, whilst under an INTERPOL Red Notice at the time and wanted in Australia to face serious charges.
He is still on the run.
More needs to be done.
With thanks to ABC News for their coverage of this story and interviewing our founder, Glen Hulley.
#fixthesystem #auspol
Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Peter Dutton
Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party
Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation
Truth Project
Europol Australian Federal Police Australian Border Force Western Australia Police Force National Crime Agency Click CEOP
Project Karma
Project Karma
Project Karma
An amazing story of a failed system that we continue to highlight with real cases to the Australian Government.

We thank ABC News for their coverage of this public interest story and interviewing our founder, Glen Hulley.

Peter Dutton Scott Morrison (ScoMo)#auspol
Project Karma
Project Karma
After 2 years of implementation in Bali, Project Karma’s Sentinel Model has reached the end of its pilot phase with some amazing results achieved by Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia – YPKI.
Plans are to now raise sufficient funding to begin a full project rollout for Bali and Lombok.
A significant figure is required to fund our programs over the next 5 years and we will need your help to raise those funds if we are to continue our work there.
Please visit our website for further information about how you can bring long term change to Bali.
Project Karma
Project Karma
Tuesday February 11th is #SaferInternetDay2020
Many people only see the work we do in investigation and advocacy but Project Karma’s Sentinel Model also focuses on the online safety of children through our trusted partnership with Facebook Safety and ongoing engagement with many other social media, instant messaging and online gaming platforms.
One such company that we have found most proactive in dealing with are the folks over at Roblox.
Our founder, Glen Hulley had recent discussions with the company’s Global Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility in the UK via Skype regarding the safety measures engaged on the platform’s in-game chat feature, security features for auto detections and prevention and processes in place to protect children from online predators, grooming and bullying.
They also discussed the use of popular 3rd party software applications like Discord by players of the game to communicate with each other while playing in-game and the inherent problems that come with the onus of responsibility of child safety when 2 companies (and more) products are being unitised side by side to provide users an experience.
There’s a long way to go in this realm….
Roblox has over 1 billion accounts and generates millions of dollars in sales per month, making it one of the most successful online gaming platforms ever created. This is why we feel it is important to be involved in open and transparent discussions to help ensure that best practise principals are being employed across the board to reduce instances of online bullying and grooming of children.
Project Karma
Project Karma
A tribute from our founder Glen Hulley:

It is with great sadness that I must convey to all that we have lost a wonderful volunteer last night.

Archie Pathik was a beautiful woman with an open heart from which she gave much to many, often donating her time and items from her own business – SpecialCandles4u to many charities in Melbourne.

We very much appreciated Archie’s support over the last 2 years and we will miss her energy and spirit in our organisation.

My thoughts are for her two sons, her husband and the rest of her family.

To Archie’s friends, especially to our Australian ambassador, Lucia Hou, losing one of her closest friends, I extend my sympathies for this heavy loss.

Sometimes there is no sense to be made from the course the universe takes, but this turn leaves me dumbfounded.

Rest In Peace Archie 🙏🏻❤️
Project Karma
Project Karma
This recent article by @yoni.bashan.7 at The Australian highlights the success of federal legislation initiated by Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party in 2017 that saw Australia ban the overseas travel of its registered child sex offenders.
Our founder, Glen Hulley (quoted in this article) played an instrumental role in bringing the issue of Australian child sex offenders travelling to South East Asia to Derryn Hinch in 2015, before he entered politics, and their subsequent meeting led to Hinch pursuing the Australian Government as a newly sworn Senator in 2016 to create the legislative changes to the Passport Act that we now see protecting thousands of children in vulnerable countries from Australian predators each year.
Hulley continues leading our organisation from the front, currently lobbying other Governments around the world to adopt similar measures, including his recent recommendations to the UK Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse for legislative changes.
We have gained huge accomplishments and already made such a massive impact for such a young and relatively small non government organisation that is running on a shoestring budget….
Imagine what this organisation could achieve if sufficient funding was provided….
Please consider 🙏🏻